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For a vehicle to be considered a lemon, it must meet certain requirements. While each state is different, there are some general things that hold true across the board. First of all, the vehicle needs to have some type of defect or non-conformity. Under most state laws, the defect must have taken place within a specific period of time or a certain number of miles after the vehicle was purchased or leased. Additionally, most state lemon laws require that the defect or non-conformity could not be fixed after several repair attempts. It is important that you speak to an experienced lemon law attorney who may assess your rights.

Most consumers don’t realize how simple and easy it is to file a Lemon Law claim. Your state laws provide you with 100% cost-free legal representation with defective vehicles. Most of the time it’s going after the manufacturer when warrantied repairs cannot be made within a reasonable number of attempts or a reasonable period of time. The result could include 1) a complete repurchase of the vehicle you purchased; 2) a brand new replacement vehicle; or 3) significant monetary compensation, even if the problem is fixed, and continued ownership of the vehicle.

It’s easy to determine whether or not you have a case against an automobile dealer or manufacturer. Simply fill-out our FREE Case Evaluator form to begin the process. One of our qualified lemon law attorneys will review your information free of charge and immediately let you know the next step in getting started.

Attorneys’ fees are requested under the law only from your vehicle’s manufacturer under the law as part of any settlement. No attorneys’ fees are ever charged to our clients for court representation.

Yes. In certain situations a pre-owned vehicle may still qualify as a “new motor vehicle” for the purposes of the Lemon Law. A “new motor vehicle” under California’s Lemon Law is defined differently for the purposes of the Lemon Law when compared to how the term is used in everyday conversation. If you purchased a used vehicle that still had a warranty in place you may be able to bring a claim.Protection is given to the purchasers of used cars so long as the vehicle was sold with some type of warranty or service contract, i.e., was not sold as-is. Car dealers or car manufacturers must comply with the terms of any warranties or service contracts that accompany the used car.

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